What to do in Castelluzzo


casa vacanze castelluzzo festival aquiloni san vito

Kite Festival

Born in 2010, a festival of imagination, a joyful and creative celebration that lights up and colors the sky of San Vito Lo Capo in the month of June. Free flight performances, exciting night flights, workshops for children, tastings, entertainment and shows for adults and children

cous cous festival Sicilia

Cous Cous Fest

Born in 1998, it is the Mediterranean food and wine exhibition that has made San Vito Lo Capo the world capital of couscous, hospitality, and multiculturalism. It takes place in September.

Siciliambiente Film Festival Caterina Fattori

SiciliAmbiente Film Festival

SiciliAmbiente is an international festival of feature films, documentaries, short films, and animations related to environmental, sustainability, and human rights issues.
Born in 2009, always in San Vito lo Capo, it takes place every summer in July, and tells of stories and characters from all over the world through screenings and events in 2 theaters under the starry sky of San Vito lo Capo: the Garden theater of Palazzo La Porta, and the movie theater on the beach.

bed and breakfast castelluzzo Libri Autori Bouganville

Libri e Bouganville

Since 1999, presentations of books and authors which, between the months of July and August, hosts authors of national acclaim, and presents different themes through contemporary literature and non-fiction.

bed and breakfast castelluzzo san vito capo

Festa di San Vito

June 15th is the feast of the Patron Saint San Vito, on the day of his martyrdom. It is a celebration particularly felt by all the sea workers in town.
The most exciting moment of the festival is the Landing of the Saints on the beach of San Vito Lo Capo.
Little Vito, his nurse Crescenzia, and the master Modesto, arrive from the sea on a small boat at sunset. Responding to a signal, the boats in the harbor all go out into the sea to joyfully welcome the small boat and the Saints.

bed and breakfast castelluzzo san vito jazz festival

San Vito Jazz Festival

A summer event with quality music and jazz. The event sees San Vito lo Capo come alive with concerts by Italian and international musicians in the Garden of Palazzo La Porta.

casa vacanze castelluzzo presepe custonaci

Custonaci Living Nativity Scene

During the Christmas period, the Grotta Mangiapane hosts one of the most important and evocative living nativity scenes in the world in the context of the Custonaci Caves.
150 participants give life to an even more magical atmosphere with lighting created mostly by torches, roman candles, and oil lanterns, just like at the time. It is an area which, among other things, has also been the set of numerous film productions including “Inspector Montalbano”, “The Battle of Kefalonia” and “Viola di Mare”.

Festival SiciliAmbiente

Cinema. Non-fiction. Music.
On the beach, by the shore.
July 15-20, 2024
San Vito lo Capo.